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Xiph QuickTime Components (XiphQT) is, in short, the solution for Mac and Windows users who want to use Xiph formats in any QuickTime-based application, e.g. playing Ogg Vorbis in iTunes or producing Ogg Theora with iMovie.

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Latest News.

13.06.2016 - XiphQT discontinued

Seven years have passed since the last release of XiphQT and now, the time has come where we have to announce that there will not be any new releases of XiphQT.

The reason we are discontinuing XiphQT is that the API it was using, QTKit, was marked deprecated in OS X 10.9, therefore XiphQT was only working with Quicktime 7 and not with Quicktime X. Apple never provided any API which offered similar features to extend codec/format supports like QTKit did, so there is no way to transition the code to a newer Framework. With macOS 10.12 coming soon, QTKit will be removed completely.

Quicktime 7 for Windows was recently, according to Trend Micro deprecated as well.

Thanks to all Users, Developers and Contributors of XiphQT!

14.06.2009 - XiphQT 0.1.9 released

We're happy to announce XiphQT release 0.1.9!

This is another bugfix release, where fixes are few but significant: reduced memory usage, fixed playback of HD content and fixed compatibility with iMovie '08. As always, release notes have a bit more details.

Also, the official 0.1.9 builds have been linked against recent versions of codec libraries. Most notably, that means Theora release 1.0, bringing performance improvements, especially in encoding.

02.09.2007 - XiphQT 0.1.8 released

This release mainly fixes the freeze/crash-causing bug (#1154, #1155) and the video stalling issue (#1151), both introduced in 0.1.7. See release notes for more details.

22.03.2007 - XiphQT 0.1.7 released

After nearly 11 months of no visible activity we're happy to announce a new release of the Xiph QuickTime Components!

This release introduces the ability to produce Ogg files and encode video and audio content into Theora and Vorbis, respectively. Save directly to Ogg from iMovie or other QuickTime-based application!

Other new features include support for 5.1 multichannel audio (Vorbis and FLAC) in Ogg files and progressive loading. The latter isn't fully finished and we are working on the remaining issue, but it makes opening large files less painful already. See release notes for the details.

Installation has been simplified. XiphQT now comes in a single, statically-linked component bundle and doesn't require any additional frameworks, so you can simply drag'n'drop to install it. And there are two binary packages available: full and decoders-only.

No Windows binaries are available at the moment, hopefully win32 port will be ready soon.

Also: here you can find fairly up-to-date development snapshots and here you can find the XiphQT development blog.

08.05.2006 - XiphQT 0.1.5 released

What's new in this release? Intel Mac compatibility (finally!), FLAC decoder, fresh (and still warm!) Theora decoder and a number of bug fixes and other smaller changes - see the release notes for details.

As always, you can find it on the download page.

20.12.2005 - XiphQT News RSS feed

I've been thinking for some time that an RSS feed for XiphQT project would be nice. And I was asked about it recently, as well.

So here it is, manually "generated" and highly experimental: XiphQT News feed.

Let me know if there are any problems with it.

17.12.2005 - XiphQT 0.1.3 released

I suppose it's just the right time of year to call it a "Christmas" release. And I hope the set of new features and improvements won't be dissapointing: Windows port, progressive downloading... just to name a few!

So, don't let the minor release number change mislead you and get yourself a copy straightaway, and don't forget to see the release notes for more info!

And... Merry Christmas!

17.12.2005 - XiphQT FAQ

I have created a small FAQ, which at the moment is focussing mainly on the "XiphQT vs. iTunes" subject. Read the FAQ for some explanations...

28.11.2005 - XiphQT 0.1.2 released

Starting with this release there will be two different binary XiphQT packages available:

  • full installer including Xiph framework files
  • and smaller XiphQT-only package.

See release notes for more info on other changes.

26.11.2005 - XiphQT 0.1.1-1 released

Fixed a tiny oversight resulting in meta-data not being imported properly.

Updated files are now available.

25.11.2005 - XiphQT 0.1.1 released

The first binary release is now available. It's OSX-only, but a Windows version should follow soon.

Summary of features included:

  • reading of Ogg-encapsulated Vorbis and Speex bitstreams;
  • Vorbis and Speex decompression.

The details can be found in the release notes.

Don't forget to let us know if it doesn't work for you.


25.11.2005 - Xiph QuickTime Components project goes "live"!

We are pleased to announce the first public appearance of the Xiph QuickTime Components project!

In short, the project is a continuation of the efforts to bring availability of the Xiph.Org Foundation's free and open media formats into the Mac OS X environment, and do it in a way consistent with the well-defined and established media manipulation frameworks existing in that environment.

The previous efforts in that area, focused around the qtcomponents.sf.net project, have recently come to a stop. With the new project: new blood, new underlying technology, new enthusiasm and using the experiences of the old project we hope to push things forward again.

Please see the "about" page for more information on our project, and thanks for stopping by!