Rubicon Gulch Software
Welcome to my Netwinder Site. I am currently purchasing a NetWinder to do Java development work. The small size and nice features make it a good platform to port to and hopefully develop from.

Rubicon Gulch Software Inc. is my software company. I work primarily in Java 2 (Applications and Servlets) and Perl. I am learning Python and hope to experiment with Python on my NetWinder.

Current Projects
  • SlingShot (TM)
    An Internet-focused business system that integrates ordering, shipping, and inventory management in a distributed computing environment. I am hoping to port this code to the NetWinder.

  • Assisting with bringing Java 2 and related APIs to the NetWinder (Is anyone else working on this?)

  • Leaning more about LINUX in general. I have been using LINUX off and on since May 1996 but am now ready to take the full plunge.
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Posted by Shannon Brown -- Last Updated: 03/25/99