Change your NetWinder console font from 40x20 up to 180x80

New X server; talks directly to the VGA; works best with new (after Oct15) kernel; copy XF86_SVGA to /usr/X11/bin and make a symbolic link X point at this; copy the XF86Config file to /etc

Dynamic Display Debuggr
An amazing front end to GDB; watch out: it's 24 megabytes, but worth every byte; to get the data to display, go into Preferences/Startup and set the data window for "panner", not scroll-bar; requires libXm below

Adjust the auto repeat rate on your keyboard; untar from /; to make a fast keyboard, just type
kbdrate -r 20

Lesstif shared library
Required for ddd above; untar from /

A nice utility to watch library calls; similar syntax to strace

Video capture driver
New video capture driver, and two demo programs (one for console and one for X); uses the Video4Linux2 API; NOTE: there is some chance that we will go back to the Video4Linux API, based on your feedback; do you want Video4Linux or Video4Linux2? mail me

Vidcap demo
A new demo of the video capture driver; just fun stuff