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I've got me 2 NetWinder DM's and a developer's account, but I don't know how much I'll ever develop. I'm no Unix guru by any stretch. But just to give SOMETHING back to the community, I toss out the following links to back to my local machine:

New! (98.11.26) As someone who's never been crazy about less, I found John E. Davis's most program to be much more my speed. Lo, and behold, it compiled without a hitch on the NetWinder. Also, the BETA version of Columiba U's Kermit (6.1). So, here are the RPM's:

Other stuff:

Netwinder Rescue HOWTO for Dummies
A novice-level explaination and a walk-through of how to pull a Netwinder out of the fire. This is based on some more advanced documents.
My Netwinder
This is mostly local stuff, like a log of what I've done to get into trouble, and an RPM listing made before I trashed the RPM database (intentionally).
Unix/Linux Tips
This is just a list of things I've learned/forgotten/reminded myself about, while on the "Road to Linux". Pretty novice stuff here.
Linux Resources
Most of these links were gathered at the 4th Annual Linux Expo, which took place May 27-29 at Duke University, Durham, NC.
My Micron's Specs
The current? hardware and software comprising my most personal Linux box.
Some links to PC (Intel-based) hardware manufacturers.

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