Attempt to make an working BSD bootup manager for the Netwinder StrongARM computer
By : Johan Sjöholm

The BSD bootup manager have always been the best for unix invoriment, and for most other invoriments for that mathers, thats why i belive that its an top priority to make this work even for the Netwinder computer serie.
The Linux version that comes whit the Netwinder comes whit an speciall writen review of the RedHat linux there are also an Debian project working on making an Netwinder version(se :  Debian project  ) , i on the other hand belive that it is as importent whit an well working boot manager as it is whit the OS its self.
Slackware uses the BSD bootup drivers/managers and it is also the easyest one to configure and work whit. It is also a dream in speed an quality. This makes it to a winner even in the Netwinder invoriment.

At this moment there are no active work being done on the project it self, i simply don't have the time.
When i get more information i will let you all know.

- Johan  /