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ARM Linux resources: gcc-3.3 pre-built toolchain for ARM, including Xscale

Here you'll find some bits and pieces for working with embedded Linux on the ARM processor family. You might want to start with an up to date toolchain for compiling kernels and applications. Make sure you are running RedHat 8.0 or later, or at least have a recent version of glibc on your distro, if you just want to run the prebuilt toolchain without building your own tools (recommended for first time users).

Because of bandwidth limitations on this server, please use a netwinder.org mirror when possible.. If you only want a pre-built binary please see the following site:


Sources and build instructions only:ftp://ftp.fairwayacademy.org/pub/armlinux/toolchain/

Other things will show up from time to time, such as rootfs hints, hardware design files, FAQs, gotchas, etc.

There's lots of work to be done, any special requests should be sent to Jeff Sutherland <jeffs@*spamkiller*/fairwayacademy.org>

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