Bruce's Netwinder Page

There are many callsigns, but this one is mine:  KF4PJN.

My claim to fame:  None.  ...But I keep three different architectures running Linux in my office just for geek bragging rights.

I design hardware for a living -- uP, uC, DSP boards...deeply embedded stuff.  Also digital, analog, and comms/telco gear.  I do some real-time stuff, too.

You can also visit my irregular home page which features The Mother of All EE Bookmarks.

I'm happy to help the Netwinder developers with modem code....I wrote some once.
...OK, well it was just the mod side...and FSK only.
...OK, maybe that is trivial, but I wrote it all myself...and it runs on the SHARC, too.
And I work with the guy who wrote the demod side, some DTMF and CLID stuff too, and he'll probably help.

<Insert shameless plug for my workplace here>
Netwinder, Next Generation...
My single solution to both the modem and FPU issues with the Netwinder goes as follows:
Spend an extra $10 per unit and put a 21065L on the motherboard so it runs 180MFLOPS
...and rename it the POTSmoker®.

Official Disclaimer:  POTSmoker®, and the associated 7 lighning bolts logo, is not an endorsement of any controlled substance.

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