NAME SGML::PYX - Convertor between SGML and PYX. SYNOPSIS use SGML::PYX; my $obj = SGML::PYX->new(%params); $obj->parsefile($sgml_file); METHODS "new" my $obj = SGML::PYX->new(%params); Constructor. Returns instance of object. * "output" Output callback, which prints output PYX code. Default value is subroutine: my (@data) = @_; print join "\n", map { encode_utf8($_) } @data; print "\n"; return; "parsefile" $obj->parsefile($sgml_file); Parse input SGML file and convert to PYX output. Returns undef. ERRORS new(): From Class::Utils::set_params(): Unknown parameter '%s'. parsefile(): Unsupported tag type '%s'. Problem with attribute parsing. data: %s EXAMPLE use strict; use warnings; use File::Temp qw(tempfile); use IO::Barf qw(barf); use SGML::PYX; # Input file. my (undef, $input_file) = tempfile(); my $input = <<'END'; Foo
END barf($input_file, $input); # Object. my $obj = SGML::PYX->new; # Parse file. $obj->parsefile($input_file); # Output: # (html # (head # (title # -Foo # )title # )head # (body # (div # )div # )body # )html # -\n DEPENDENCIES Class::Utils, Encode, Error::Pure, Tag::Reader::Perl, PYX, PYX::Utils. SEE ALSO Task::PYX Install the PYX modules. REPOSITORY AUTHOR Michal Josef Špaček LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT © Michal Josef Špaček 2015-2021 BSD 2-Clause License VERSION 0.07